• Kripa Bhawan, Plot: Y-20, Block-EP, Sector.V, Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700091

Overhaul & Repairs

  • Guide blades, moving blades, diaphragms guide blade careers, casting parting plane fasteners.
  • Journal bearing of cylindrical, Two Lobe, Four Lobe, Tilting pads, Sleeve bearing and Thrust bearings.
  • governing System-Spindles, Valve Cones, bolts, complete yoke assembly, Servomotor and Pilot valve assemblies
  • Steam Glands and oil Glands assemblies
  • Pinion and gear wheel shafts for gearboxes.
  • Pump cartridges, Impellers & Shafts etc.

Condition Monitoring

We offers reliable service in predictive maintenance. We have highly skilled team of specialist with sophisticated equipment for condition monitoring.

  • RLA studies.
  • Ultrasonic testing.
  • Dynamic hardness testing
  • Magnetic particle inspection, checking of residual magnetism and de-magnetization.
  • Liquid penetrant test
  • In – situ metallography examination
  • Radiography examination

Natural frequency test


Troubleshooting services for governing systems, such as hunting, correction of calibration, Poor vacuum for steam turbines, Impressions evaluation and improvement in performance of rotation equipment in power plants and process industries.